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    Why Every Man Needs Chino Pants

    Whatever your lifestyle; whatever your body shape; whatever your age, chino pants are a must-have for every well-dressed man. They carry you effortlessly from casual to smart formal and never look out of place.

    Chino Pants History

    Chino pants for men have come a long way since they were first devised to be worn as practical military uniform in the tropics. The original chinos were lightweight cotton twill uniforms produced for the Spanish-American war being fought in the Philippines. Made in China (hence the slang name “Chino”) the trousers had tapered legs and a flat front to economize on the amount of fabric required. The streamline fit and comfortable style have endured to become a classic must-have for any gentleman’s wardrobe of essentials.

    Khakis or Chinos?

    You may be wondering what the difference is between khakis and chinos. Both styles were originally designed for the military. Generally, khakis have retained their original color and uniform features but chinos have definitely evolved. You’ll find them in a full range of colors and contemporary styles. Flat unpleated fronts that are featured on chinos are particularly flattering. The stylish concealed pockets keep the sartorial dress code simple and fuss-free. While khakis generally have to stay outdoors, chinos are equally at home at the golf club, the office or when socializing with friends.

    Comfortable and Casual

    Softer than jeans and less sporty than sweatpants, chino pants provide that smart contemporary look. They will confidently take you from the office to the sports field and be equally appropriate for each and every situation. It’s one thing less to worry about! Designed for practicality, these versatile items of apparel are as comfortable as they look. Our premium brand ensures that only the softest and most durable fabrics find their way into our stores and your wardrobe. The slight “give” of stretch cotton ensures that perfect fit, whether you are driving, sitting or walking.

    Subtle Colors to Mix and Match

    Although the earliest chino pants were beige, the contemporary look embraces many colorways. Traditional gray, light brown, black, white and navy blue chino pants have the advantage of looking good with any shirt, jacket or top. However, fashion demands a broader range of colors including yellow, red, green, light blue, burgundy and more! Whatever the occasion and whatever your taste, you’ll find your own fashion style is catered for at Eden Park.

    It’s the Little Things That Matter

    Designed to be chic yet practical, you will appreciate the attention to detail that goes into the best chino pants design. Slant front pockets are easy to slip your hand into for an informal stance. The buttoned back pockets are edged with detail which incorporates our “à la française” tri-color band and Eden Park brand label. Even our oval buttons are a little bit different as a nod to our rugby roots and heritage. All these thoughtful details are what makes the essential difference between ordinary and exclusive. We like to think we got it exactly right.