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    Men’s Long Sleeve Shirts for Every Occasion

    Long sleeve shirts have seen many fashions come and go, but today’s more contemporary look presents a whole new appeal. Self-color shirts remain a wardrobe staple, asserting a certain confident tone.

    Easy to team with jeans or chinos, pink long-sleeve shirts are youthful and engaging. Gray or white long sleeve tops offer a more introspective mood. Floral patterns and pastel colors shrug off the fuddy-duddy image of business attire, allowing the wearer to project a more unconventional image.

    Slim-fit Style or Comfort Classic?

    You’ll find slim-fit body-hugging shirts as well as looser straight-cut styles for a relaxed comfort fit. Stripes, checks, self-color and eyecatching Barbarian designs embrace an equally wide choice of fabrics. Cool cottons, denims and textured poplin weaves all have their place in the Eden Park range. A tasteful shirt collection from a high-end brand will cater for every mood and occasion, from fun sports events to important business meetings.

    What About Collars?

    Long sleeves shirts can be found with a variety of collars, and each type has its own particular appeal. The wider spread of the English collar provides a traditional, formal look and is generally worn buttoned with a tie. For a more informal attitude, opt for a button-down collar commonly associated with the Oxford style shirt. This neat style was actually designed for polo players as a means to keep their collars from blowing in their face while riding. It has been adopted as an iconic preppy look ever since.

    How to Wear Men's Long Sleeve Shirts

    There is simply no wrong way to wear a shirt with full-length sleeves. Denote a more casual dress code by wearing it loose outside the waistband. Team it with knee-length shorts or faded jeans for that roguish dress-down look. When you want to exude a more formal air, tuck the hem of your shirt into the waistband of your pants. Add a linen jacket for a more serious occasion. Covered arms allow you to dispense with the need for a coat or cardigan, even on a fresh spring day. When temperatures rise, unbutton the cuffs and roll up the sleeves to just below the elbows for an industrious, business-like image. When it comes to collars, button up for formality or leave the top buttons undone for a laid-back, debonair look.

    Just Add a Pink Bow Tie!

    A small iconic detail is all it takes to add a touch of class and a dash of luxury to a plain cotton long sleeve shirt. Our pink bow tie logo exemplifies this. Adorning the chest pocket of a plain Oxford shirt, it sends out a subtle message of Parisian flair and understated chic. The pink bow tie harks back to the Inaugural Rugby World Cup Final in 1987 when the French team bounded onto the pitch all wearing a pink bow tie. Team mates Franck Mesnel and Eric Blanc went on to found the iconic Eden Park brand of fashionwear. What better icon than the pink bow tie to subtly label this distinctive marque? Look for it on all the premium apparel and wear it with pride.