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    27 products

    Shirts That Look Good From Every Angle

    Step out in style with an exquisite range of stylish shirts. From cotton casual to formal dress, there’s nothing stuffy about the rumpled look or the more refined Parisian style. While once upon a time this fashion item was synonymous with stepping into the office, these days there are a thousand ways to wear men’s shirts. From date night along the Champs Elysees to the first light of morning; watching her slip it on as she climbs barefoot out of bed; this wardrobe must is one we turn to time and time again.

    You can never have too many of these versatile wardrobe pieces. For work, for days at play, for restaurant bright nights, sublime celebrations, city slicker or a touch of gentrified elegance, this celebrated fashion staple makes its way into every corner of your world.

    From Ruffles to Crisp Coolness

    While linked with the modern Wolf of Wall Street look, the shirt is actually one of the oldest garments in the world. The rough spun garment started its life as bedwear far before the middle ages and came without collar or cuff. Later on, with the rise of aristocratic style, the look adopted frills and lace. Each and every garment was made to fit by the town tailors and ruffs and collars became big business. Until the turn of the 20th century, owning a white shirt for men was considered to be a surefire sign of wealth and prosperity. While the style has come a long way thanks to fashion designers and innovative modern manufacturing techniques, this must-have dress item still earns its place as a first-class fashion choice for those who value the crisp coolness of a sharpened masculine look.

    Selecting The Right Style of Shirt

    Picking a shirt that either slots into established style or paves the way for a new look means knowing how to wear in a way that invites you to step out oozing confidence and class. The look doesn’t always need to be matched to formal thinking, and casual examples of the button down also carry a strong and complimentary look.

    The Button Down

    The button-down is a classic example of easy elegance. A button-down collar, fitted cuffs, and high-quality material normally mark this timeless piece as a firm favorite for both business and play. You can easily wear the button-down with a pair of blue jeans or light-colored chinos for that casual look that doesn’t lean into leisurewear.

    The Black Tie Match

    From a black-tie ball to champagne with someone special, the dress cut steps every occasion up a notch. Spun from the finest fabric and with the uncanny ability to look pressed, fresh and fine, this formal design lends itself well to being paired with a tailored suit and the flash of silver cufflinks. Often picked in shades of white, every gentleman needs at least one well-fitted dress shirt for that Prince Charming look.

    The Classic White

    A white shirt for men is a must for any man wanting to master the art of bringing Riviera style back into fashion. Always timeless and able to bridge that gap between classic and contemporary, the white open collared look can instantly lift a look moving you seamlessly from office to after dinner drinks with ease. You can wear the classic white when suiting up for those semi-formal events and weddings. You can pair your cotton white with linen or chinos for effortless elegance, and you can even slip one on over a bare chest and shorts for ocean fresh yacht style.

    The Summer Sleeved

    Short sleeved options keep your look laced with hints of summer. With vintage fashion making a comeback, there’s never been a better time to forget rolling up your sleeves and simply opt for a shirt that doesn’t make you sweat. Short sleeved designs come with all the pleasures of warm weather vibes, often breaking from formal conventions to bring brighter prints and fun patterns.

    The Check and Denim

    Rugged, raw and celebrating the heritage of sheer masculine style, the patterned check and blue denim keep things cool, casual and soft to touch. For those days when you want to kick back, fire up a barbecue, or let loose with friends, this elemental look won’t let you down.

    Trendy and Timeless From Eden Park

    At Eden Park our range celebrates individual style without slotting you into a box. From simple block colors in crisp cotton to easy breezy summer prints and short sleeves, refined riviera style, and funky pops of color – you can be sure that every choice brings out your best side. Look for those prime Eden Park touches; from buttons inspired by rugby balls to our iconic embroidered pink bow logo, the casual cool of the Jacquard pattern, buttoned collars and contrasting fabric edges - the delight is always in the details.