Lightweight or thick-knit jumpers and cardigans by Eden Park will keep you warm in style. Express your casual side with true elegance.

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    3 products

    Discover Why Sweaters are a Wardrobe Essential

    Cooler days are the perfect excuse to refresh your closet with the addition of long-sleeved sweaters and stylish cotton knitwear. They provide the finishing touch to every informal ensemble. Choosing 100% cotton delivers a sleek finish with a fine knit texture. Contrasting or tone-on-tone rib necklines and hems ensures a snug and cozy fit. With our sporty styling and top quality materials, you’ll be suitably turned out and ready for anything. Bring it on!

    Embrace Natural Materials

    We’ve updated knitwear for men with a range of iconic items that make the perfect fashion statement for a premium lifestyle. Fall, winter and spring temperatures call for a range of heavier, thicker garments to keep chilly winds at bay. Slim-fit lightweight styles are designed to be worn solo. Body hugging and stretchy, they can easily be layered up when heading out to the ski slopes or terrain park. These should be complemented with a range of long sleeve tops with a denser composition and a looser fit. The latest trend for textured cotton emulates the softness of cashmere with a classic knit finish. It’s all about staying warm without compromising on that essential Parisian flair.

    Easy Care - Wash and Wear

    To ensure your favorite knitwear stays looking as good as the day you bought it, check out the label for washing instructions. Most sportswear with 100% cotton composition is machine washable. Turn your garment inside out to avoid any unnecessary rubbing or snagging on other items. We recommend a cool temperature (30°C/86°F). Always wash dark items separately. Remove immediately at the end of the wash cycle to avoid creasing. Lay out flat on a towel and air-dry at room temperature. This prevents your sweater from being subjected to intense heat in the tumble dryer. It also avoids stretching, keeping it perfectly in shape. If you spend a few moments arranging it with the sleeves laid out, it speeds up the drying process. With a little care, you can even avoid having to get the iron out!

    How to Wear Men’s Sweaters

    When the climate remains fickle and changeable, having a sweater to hand ensures you are never caught out wearing the wrong attire. When it’s cold, zip up for cozy comfort. As the sun appears and the mercury rises, unbutton that polo collar. When you need to cool off, toss it across your shoulders, loosely tying the arms around the chest and it becomes a trendy fashion accessory.

    What’s the Fashion Code on Necklines?

    Necklines define the role of a sweater more than any other design element. We cover the basics to help you decide when to wear different styles. Today’s best-dressed guy will have a selection of each type to effortlessly carry him from casual sports event to team-leader session at the office. Pair easily with chinos or blue denims to display the look of classic good taste.


    Neat and stylish, the V-neck sweater is designed to be worn on its own or layered over a collared shirt or tee. Comfortable and sharp, it breaks out of the ordinary to demonstrate a well-tailored choice.

    Crew Neck

    Round or crew necks are the ultimate comfortable neckline that will never look out of place. A neat ribbed edging in matching or contrasting color hugs the neck suggesting cozy warmth. A round neckline always looks good beneath a jacket.

    Button up

    For a more sporty laid-back appearance, a button-up neckline is a neat addition to any knitwear. Wear open to reveal a contrasting color placket for that look of casual insouciance. Alternatively, button to the top for warmth beneath a ski jacket or parka. Easy to pull over your head, a button neck will always be the perfect fit.

    Polo Collar

    Heading to the polo field or sports pitch? A casual pullover with a buttoned polo collar upgrades a plain knit top into something with a dash more class. A knit collar beautifully complements broad rib cuffs and hemline for a casual yet tailored effect. It’s a trendy must-have for the winter season.


    The short zip neckline is a nice diversion from the button-up neck found on rugby-style collars. Make the trucker neckline your own by wearing it unzipped with the collar turned up to reveal the contrasting lining. It’s the natural choice to layer over a crew neck or t-shirt from the Eden Park collection. Check out our newest collection of designer sweaters. We’re sure you’ll agree that no wardrobe is complete without a bunch of these sporty essentials.