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    Sweatshirts That Pave the Way for Lounge and Play

    Soft, sporty and ready to accompany you from the track to town, the sweatshirt for men is made for seasonless style. There are few items in the world that truly capture the essence of the everyman, but this easily layered garment is one of them. Made to fit all kinds of body types, designed to be a soft and cozy layer in the winter, or a cool throw in the summer, the crewneck or hooded sweatshirt paves the way for lounge and play.

    The Evolution of the Sweatshirt

    The evolution of the hoodie was born from the utilitarian need to keep workers warm in the ice battered streets of New York City at the start of the 20th century. Since then, it has been adopted by myriad countercultures, covering everything from the skate punk scene to Olympic training teams. The ingenious idea of adding a hood to a crewneck ensured that track athletes were protected from the elements back in the 1930’s. As we entered the seventies, when hip-hop culture enveloped the cities, the hoodie became a wardrobe symbol for graffiti artists on their nightly prowl.

    Full Circle; From Subculture to Sports Field

    Afterwards, in the 90’s the cool sweatshirt was once more adopted by skateboarders and subcultures, until recently – it completed a full circle and ended up back on the fashion shelf for athletes and prep cool. Only as it circles back, the hoodie brings with it all those cultural threads to keep it equally timeless and in sync with modern times.

    A Trailblazer That Redefined Fashion

    Such a storied wardrobe piece and a trailblazer that redefined the crossroads of fashion, the sweatshirt is one of those items that will be around forever. Invest in a casual chic example and it will find a home in your closet for many years to come. While this soft, cozy layer of clothing may be considered the height of leisurewear, the hoodie can easily make inroads into being worn in a smart casual context or simply to keep you comfortable out on the playing field.

    Masculine Athleticism in Modern Fashion

    Spun from soft cotton, this lightweight layer is a wonder when it comes to wicking away sweat, ensuring that no matter how hard you train – you have something comfortable to keep you warming up in style and cooling down without compromising on class. Masculine athleticism in modern fashion is always celebrated at Eden Park, and we love hoodies that come with a hint of play. From the timeless black sweatshirt to bright color blocks and rugby inspired hints of pink, the hoodie always has a look that can be lifted.

    Picking The One That Works for You

    Made to last, worn for ease, and designed to fit forever no matter how many changes come your way, the sweatshirt will always find a way to work for you. There are several different styles and which one will make the best investment depends on which elements are best designed to meet your needs.

    Hooded Styles

    A sweater with a hood sewn on – in the simplest terms, this style of hooded warm garment is a great investment for those who love the athletic look with a touch of chic street style. The bonus of a hood keeps you protected from city winds and rain, and they are a great pullover choice for that casual track star look. On laid back evenings, you can even throw on a denim, bomber, or leather jacket for that rugged youthful look.

    Crew Neck Styles

    Layer up with the crew neck. More formal than the hoodie and less sporty than the zip-up, the crew neck look tips the edge and redefines casual class. You can pair your crew neck with a pair of chinos, blue jeans, and moccasins for a drama free daytime look, or you can keep things energized outdoors or lounge fresh by pairing with running pants or sweats.

    Zip Up Styles

    Zip up sweat tops come in cotton or fleece, sometimes collared and sometimes not. You can take your pick with the prep edged teddy style or stick super casual with the sporty look. The teddy style zip up looks great paired with jeans and can even serve as a seasonal layer with a jacket thrown over. The cotton knit zip is your go to for the gym, track and field.

    Design Touches from Eden Park

    At Eden Park we celebrate all styles of this iconic item, ensuring our range captures the look from every angle. Pick from cotton or fleece, teddy to hood, zip to crew neck, and say yes to an effortless style that carries you from weekday action to lazy weekend afternoons. From simple blacks and greys that go with everything to splashes of bright color and pastel blocks, all designs come with that signature Eden Park finish. The subtle celebration of the emblematic pink bow tie logo can be found on all our sweats, and when blended with the highest quality materials, that playful Parisian touch and the clear cut lines of masculinity, you have a strong silhouette that stays fresh.