Surf the stylish wave this summer with Eden Park men's swim shorts

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    16 products

    Say Yes to Sand, Sea and Sublime Swim Short Style

    Plunge right into brighter days and salty adventures with our succinct selection of men’s swim shorts. Whether cruising southwest waves, soaking up Mediterranean moods, or kicking back at the beach club, the swim short is the only must have warm weather essential.

    You may think that picking a pair of swim shorts is just an added bonus for your travel bag, but a stylish set of water wear can be the only thing you slip into all day. From dawn sessions to seafront lunches and even late-night barbecues with your sunset tribe; fast drying, comfortable and classy trunks should be the only thing you choose this summer.

    The Wooly History of Swim Shorts

    Swimwear has shifted over the centuries; from the Victorian era striped one-pieces to shabby undergarment styles, covering up was the name of the game back in the 19th century. This idea soon shifted as swimmers found the scratchy wool dragged them down and refused to dry. As the calendar turned to modern times, while the cover-up style remained a classic, at least the material choice started to shift. A more athletic look was adopted with cleaner lines, lightweight material that let you move fluidly through the water, and even a touch of art deco inspiration when it came to color.

    From the War Years to the Swinging Sixties

    After the war years, fabric shortages caused fashion houses to cut the cloth a little smaller and thus short swim shorts were born. A glorious growth in the sport of bodybuilding lent an appreciation to the male physique and those days of swimmers covering their torso’s came to a close. This was one of the golden eras of swimwear, where block colors like white or black swim shorts lent a sense of masculine class and bronzed summer skin came into vogue, replacing the former pale preferences of the aristocracy. As the swinging sixties came into focus bringing with it moon landings and summers of love, surf culture saw a boom. Swimwear morphed over the next few decades to become the lightweight board shorts we know today.

    Modern Comfort Meets Sustainable Style

    Today, Eden Park celebrates every stitch that carried us here while taking one leap forward towards a more sustainable future. Crafted from quick drying recycled parachute fabric, the lightweight feel is flawlessly comfortable against the skin. A mesh lining, versatile elasticated waistband and pockets keep those summer vibes fun and functional.

    Choosing the Best Trunk Cut

    Picking the perfect style of long-lasting swimwear means turning to timeless trends. Trunks are made to match a wide range of body types, whether tall and buff, squat and solid, or slender built. This style of swimwear covers a range of active needs; inviting guys to swim, surf, and soak up the sun without a worry in the world.

    Selecting the Color

    Color block or bright pattern? The beauty of swim shorts is picking a style that seamlessly fits in to celebrate your unique nature. Navy blue swim shorts, red, white or black – these are colors that can be pieced together with just about any tee in your closet. Block pattern shorts are a decisive choice, they lend a nod to the no fuss guy, those gentlemen who even with Adonis bods, retain a sense of low maintenance beach-to-bar style.

    Color Block Choice

    At Eden Park even our color block styles come with a splash of French fun - trimmed with complimentary tricolor bands along the thighs and stamped with our embroidered tricolor bow tie logo badge just above the hem.

    Bright and Bolder Prints

    Bolder colors and louder prints make for a fine fashion statement. From blooms of exotic foliage for tropical vibes to micro patterned palm trees, French tricolor style, and rugby shirt stripes, these shorts are for those who embrace originality and dare to stand out from the crowd.

    How to Wear All Summer Long

    Swim shorts aren’t just made for splashing and surfing, but for capturing that sporty beach vibe throughout the summer. When not glazed in salt and sun on the sands, you can pair with a solid t-shirt in contrasting color and a pair of white tennis shoes for that in-between beach and lunch look. As the afternoon breeze picks up, don’t be afraid to throw a simple linen shirt over your tee, just be sure to leave the buttons open so not to impede on that super casual and collected style.

    Dive into a Fine French Summer

    From the glitz of St Tropez to the easy peeling shores of Biarritz, Eden Park French style seeps into every stitch. Made for comfort, designed for class, and with all those solid stylish extras like invisible pockets, Velcro flaps, drawstring elasticated waists, and smooth against the skin sustainable fabric that dries in seconds – Eden Park is the essence of summer.