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    14 products

    Why The White T Shirt is the Best Investment Piece

    Cut to fit, timeless in style, and as soft as summer light against the skin, the cotton tee is one of the world’s most iconic wardrobe pieces. A versatile classic, the plain white t-shirt should be considered a staple. One of the only investment pieces that adapts easily to individual fashion finesse, a high-quality t shirt will stay with you forever.

    A Garment Designed for Comfort and Class

    Worn on breezy spring mornings as you jog through the park, matched with chinos for a speedy afternoon espresso with friends, and with a blazer slung over for midnight strolls along the Seine, this wardrobe staple is a comforting classic that captures an era of casual masculinity.

    How the White T Shirt Became a Classic

    Introduced to the world by William Cotton back in the 19th century, the simply designed shirt was created to keep the working man cool and comfortable on his days of rest. Afterwards, it was adopted by the US navy for sailors stepping ashore before becoming an anchor for the outdoors man who was ever ready to roll up his sleeves.

    A Symbol of Rebellion

    It was the golden age of Hollywood that gave the tee its second coming. Sported by James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause and Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire, the look suddenly held notes of non-conformity and became a symbol of style rebellion. Now, in our ever-changing modern world, the white crew neck remains an image of savoir-faire. They suggest a man who is comfortable in his own skin, someone who is sharply cut but casual at heart. Someone who values sports, sophistication and premium living throughout the seasons.

    Choosing the Best

    Not all simple things are born equal and finding the best in its bracket means paying attention to cut, comfort and easy breezy material. Cotton is king when it comes to this timeless garment. A ribbed neck and regular fit lend a lean shape to the torso while ribbed cuffs invite a masculine finish.

    How to Wear With Style

    Knowing how to wear the white t shirt for men means knowing how to pair the key piece well. One of the best ways to wear is to pair it with blue jeans for that All-American look. The best thing about this item is that it can easily shift from casual afternoon into classy night, simply by throwing a black blazer over your white crew neck. A summer look out on the terrace calls for pairing your plain tee with light colored chinos and sunglasses. For those who are inviting yacht and salt sea style, its linen shorts and boat shoes.

    Bringing Vintage Back to Life

    They say you can never have too many white t shirts but at Eden Park we take pride to tailor each and every garment to stand the test of time. The white tee will always be in style, and our prima cotton concept, exceptional French quality, and playful touches ensure that this shirt will stay a soft and beloved classic throughout the ages.