Eden Park's Polo Shirts; Where Sport Meets Sophistication

The History of the Polo Shirt

Thought to be originally developed for French tennis players swinging their rackets on regal courts in the golden era of the roaring twenties, the polo shirt has a tight-knit history with sports. There’s rumors that the polo look predates this and actually goes back to India in the 18th century when British soldiers stationed in Manipur fell in love with the local sport of polo. The long sleeve shirts piqued from heavy cotton with buttons were designed to stop the wide collars from flapping in the men’s faces as they spurred their horses on to victory.

A Look for Luxury Leisure Time

To this day, the polo is synonymous with being a staple of the high-class sportsman. From tennis whites to pastel shades on the polo field and even lazy Sundays swinging your five-iron on the golf course, never has a shirt been so stitched into the fabric of luxury leisure time.
Even at the turn of another century, the men’s polo shirt hasn’t lost touch with its roots. Cast your glance around the golf course, the country club, the field and the courts and you will still see that signature buttoned collar keeping sportsmen cool and classy. Only now, this fashion staple has moved beyond the borders of horseback and racket and found a new place - the suave city streets, the backyard barbecue, and the semi-formal occasion when you want to stand out in grace and style.

Finding the Fabric

Most polo’s come spun from pique fabric – a light knitted woven pattern that brings a textured touch and tiny breathable holes to keep the air flowing and to naturally hide your sweat. The pique style of polo is a little more formal than its cotton or jersey counterpart. The cotton or jersey version takes a more casual approach.

Long Sleeves or Short

Long sleeved polos are perfect for those shoulder seasons when the temperature starts to drop or for those days when you want to cover bare arms from the glare of the sun. Despite the sleeve length, this style of shirt remains completely comfortable and allows for air to pass through freely. Pair with jeans or chinos and minimal look sneakers for a casual weekend vibe or bring a sense of smartened style with smart pants and a woven blazer. Those who want to keep their long sleeves sporty can simply throw on a pair of sweat-pants and a light jacket or bomber for a savvy athletic look.

The Choice is in the Color

For those who love a splash of color, the polo is there to be celebrated. More than most men’s fashion garments, this style of shirt can be either muted in tone or sported in a range of shades. The white polo is a firm favorite for those who want to keep that sense of timeless elegance and have a shirt that fits with just about anything in your wardrobe. The black polo is also a smarter suggestion and looks effortlessly chic when worn under a casual suit. For those who crave a lighter look; picking a polo in pink, red, green or any combination of colors can truly lift your everyday jeans and shirt look to a whole new level. Patterned polos make a statement, whether you pick rugby inspired stripes or shirts of different color blocks – this style brings a slant of polo personality.
Navy blue polos are in a premier class when it comes to color choice thanks to their versatility. While black and white lend themselves well to a more formal space, the light or navy blue still keep their sporting edge with ease. The blue works well when paired with cream colored chinos for just that hint of seabreeze yacht style.

Perfect Polo’s Every Time

Eden Park’s range of polos celebrates the smart and sporty from every angle. Pick from simple color blocks trimmed with contrasting collars and hems for subtle sophistication or refuse to shy away from your unique personality with the flair of French apricot, rugby pink, and other such fresh summer shades. Our polos are designed to delight and last with breathable material that stays soft to the touch and those Eden Park details like the signature oval buttons and bow tie logo.