Fashionable Men’s Pants for All Seasons

Things to Consider When Choosing Pants

At Eden Park, when we design contemporary sports clothing, we fret over every detail so you don’t have to. However, some things are down to personal taste. When shopping for new pants, these are some of the points to check out.


Rolling up the bottom of your straight-cut Eden Park jeans adds a new element of interest. Turn-ups can be practical if the leg length is a little long for your sneakers or you want to show off your new tassel loafers. Showing the reverse fabric adds a touch of casual informality to your contemporary attire.

Stretch Fabrics

Cotton is the natural way to stay cool when temperatures rise. Stretch fabrics are particularly comfortable and practical, whether you are donning weekend wear, sports clothing or dressing for a more formal occasion. The slight “give” in our carefully developed 21st century fabrics ensures that every pair of Eden Park jeans and chinos fits perfectly. When you sit, the fabric flexes around the knee for the ultimate comfort yet will never look baggy or out-of-shape. Good quality fabric ensures that your favorite men’s casual pants continue to look good from the first to the last time you wear them.

What About the Cut?

We have straight jeans, slim-fit body huggers and loose jogging pants in a range of high-quality fabrics. They are designed to keep up with your active sports and social lifestyle. Choose lightweight polycotton fabric for hot summer days on the water. Opt for warm fleecy fabrics and heavier denims for cooler seasons.

Color Rules OK

Why be dull and humdrum when it comes to fashion? Mens pants style were once ruled by dark plain colors for practicality. In these more enlightened times, we delight in offering a full spectrum of shades from neutral beige to maple, sunshine yellow and light blue. Of course, we still have the staples including black, beige, navy and denim blue. A good tip for dressing stylishly is to combine a patterned or colored shirt with a more neutral shade of legwear. Alternatively, if those bright red chinos are demanding to be worn, choose a self-color shirt to tone and flatter your bold choice.


Buttons are the usual fastening to secure the waistband, but there are other options just waiting to be tried. Drawstring ties are the perfect solution for jogging bottoms, making them easily adjustable. Elastic has also found its way into our casual sportsline for the ultimate comfort while being very easy to take off and on.


One of the primary fundamentals when designing men's pants is adequate pockets that serve a useful purpose. We offer slant front pockets that are perfectly placed for slipping your hands into. Back pockets secured with a tastefully designed button provide security for valuables. Our design team considers every detail, from the piped edging to the careful positioning of our brand logo.

Dress for an Active Lifestyle

Slimfit jeans made from power stretch cotton serge are ultra comfortable, thanks to the latest development of hybrid cottons. Our superior cotton fabric includes modal for softness and breathable absorbency. A touch of spandex ensures a snug fit. This innovative fabric is a must-have for anyone who appreciates neat body-hugging clothing that is at the cutting edge of today’s fashion.

Dressing for Sports

The active sportsman will appreciate the comfort of sweatpants. Our latest range proves that even casual jogging bottoms can still look appropriately in vogue. What’s our secret? Our lightweight sportswear utilizes poly-cotton cloth which is both absorbent and breathable. The lower crotch and ribbed ankles adjust the leg length and keep them in place however hard you exercise. Side and back pockets are finished with the usual piped detail along with that eponymous pink bow tie logo. For a more nautical look with a dash of Parisian je ne sais quoi, opt for a shorter cut-off leg length in a lighter beige color. Teamed with a navy shirt, even drawstring waisted chinos can make a head-turning statement. Follow our tips and dress with confidence, knowing that with the Eden Park marque you cannot fail to look good from head to toe.