Rugby Shirts: The Iconic Smart Casual Attire

Why the Best Rugby Shirts are a Wardrobe Essential

Rugby shirts have a very special place in our collection. Not only are they the original clothing item that the Eden Park brand was founded on, they epitomize our understated style and good taste. While the original sport of rugby dates back over 250 years to its founding in Rugby, England, our range of sports apparel is bang up to date. Founded by Franck Mesnel and Eric Blanc, the trendsetting Eden Park brand was created following the French Championship Final in 1987. To mark the occasion, the French team wore pink bow ties. Inspired by the team spirit, ethical code and values of rugby, the two players founded their own fashion brand. Appropriately, they named it after the home stadium of the legendary New Zealand All Blacks. The rugby jersey was the original item of clothing on which this world-renowned brand was built. It now showcases a full range of high-end clothing, each sporting that instantly recognizable pink bow tie logo.

Comfortable and Practical

We use premium quality materials that deliver comfort and style while retaining their classic good looks for many years. New colorways and stylish design touches transform the authentic single-color rugby top into a Parisian fashion statement. These casual tops are the perfect choice for country walks, horseback riding or playing your favorite team sport. However, they transcend the sports pitch and are equally appropriate for socializing and casual entertaining. For all those sporty-chic-meets-upmarket-events you’ll find an Eden Park rugby shirt hits just the right note.

Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve?

Traditional men's rugby shirts have long sleeves providing protection from the elements during the rigors of the match. We have taken that classic image and transferred it into our range of upscale fashion clothing. The long sleeve rugby-inspired top takes on a new look with the subtle use of contrasting colours and neat accent details. Off-pitch, our short sleeve rugby shirts may be more suitable for chilling out on warm summer days. The matching or toning collar and half-button placket add a dash of smart appeal.

Classic Jerseys

Classic rugby shirts are the ultimate attire, whether you are out on the pitch, cheering from the bleachers or socializing after a match. Whether you are a team player or want to make your own distinctive fashion statement, our classic sports-inspired shirts exude a message of discerning good taste. Check out the new half-width stripes in a spectrum of colors, both primary and pastel. The tell-tale pink bow logo adds a dash of sophistication showing you belong to a distinctive club with an impeccable dress code.

Cotton Shirts

These iconic shirts are made from all-natural cotton which allows the body to breathe even in the most arduous moments of life. From the first time you pull on your gear, you’ll notice the supple fabric instantly feels comfortable against your body. But don’t let the softness deceive you. Designed to withstand the rigors of the toughest game, all our cotton rugby shirts sportswear is well-made and durable. We use only the best quality materials so you can count on them looking good and lasting well. Reinforced seams and strong stitching ensures your jersey will not stretch out of shape no matter how many times you wash and wear it.

Suitable For Every Occasion

Although our classic jerseys were inspired by the sport, they make the perfect apparel for any outdoor sports event. Whether you are participating or spectating, your clothing will be perfectly suited to every situation. The beauty of our carefully designed and tailored men's rugby shirts means they are equally at home in rural and urban surroundings. The classic style and down-to-earth design with a dash of surprising detail make these a fuss-free wardrobe staple. Having a good selection of quality rugby shirts means you will always make a good sartorial impression. Mix and match your shirt with smart chinos for the office on dress-down Fridays or for socializing with friends after work. Never over-dressed yet never lacking a touch of style, the classic polo rugby shirt is a wardrobe essential for any well-groomed man. Rest assured, the Eden Park brand is never out of place.

How to Wear a Rugby Top

Rugby jerseys transcend formality and can be appropriate for any occasion by knowing how to wear them. While they have their roots in arguably the greatest team game of all time, they are equally suitable for other occasions. Wear your jersey half-open or buttoned up as you choose. The longer length suggests these jerseys should be worn loose outside trousers or jogging pants. Dress up with casual chinos or go casual with faded jeans. In warm weather, team them with below-the-knee pedal pushers or cargo shorts with multiple pockets.