T-shirts That are a Cut Above the Rest

How to Choose the Perfect Tee

There is nothing more pleasing to wear against the skin than a soft, well-fitting top in your favorite color. Like everything, quality is the key. It lifts the humble everyday sports top to a new level, giving you confidence and pleasure every time you slip it over your head.

Ultimate Quality Cotton

The softest Pima cotton is well worth sourcing as it guarantees luxurious comfort that is also strong. This luxury cotton originates in South Carolina where it was cross-pollinated with the finest Egyptian cotton varieties to produce the highest quality extra-long staple cotton. The resulting extra-long fibers produce a fabric with a noticeably softer touch and added strength. Luxury Pima cotton is resistant to tearing, fraying, wrinkling and pilling and it always holds its shape well. Once you’ve experienced Pima cotton tees you won’t want anything less.

Neck lines

Men’s tees come in a variety of necklines, and the choice is generally one of preference for the wearer. Round or crew necks are the most common. The ribbed elasticated fabric ensures that they fit snugly around the neck. An additional advantage of the classic round collar is that it complements any over-layer, such as a jacket, blazer or sweater. It will not awkwardly protrude like a pointed collar. Even if it shows above a sweater, a crew neck will stay tidily in place.The round neck is the perfect classic choice every time. However, V-necks also have their place in the contemporary dress code. Neat and shallow vees add interest to an otherwise prosaic outfit. That slight deviation from the everyday norm suggests an imperceptible revolt that demands to be acknowledged. Try wearing a V-neck underneath a jacket and see how it carefully replicates the line of the jacket’s open front. It elevates both the shirt and jacket to a neat ensemble with a subtle dash of designer detail.

Tips for Understanding Sleeves

When you choose a T-shirt, the length of sleeve depends upon the wearer’s preference and the occasion it is chosen for. Most tees have short arms suggesting a sporty outdoor summer look. You can easily wear them under a jacket or cardigan without them ruching or having to be pulled down. Short sleeves are very practical and easy to wear. It’s always worth having one or two long-sleeved shirts in the drawer ready for cooler spring and fall days. Lighter than a sweater and cozier than a tee, they have their own place in the essential wardrobe for the well-dressed man. Occasionally, you’ll find a knit top with three-quarter raglan sleeves than finish just below the elbow. They are commonly known as baseball shirts. The sleeves are attached to the neckline on the diagonal, omitting the need for a shoulder seam. The advantage of the raglan style is that it always fits neatly, even on those with extra narrow or broader-than-average shoulders.

Men’s T Shirts With a Designer Touch

When it comes to classic good taste, generally less is more. A subtle brand or logo speaks volumes about the apparel, and the wearer. Eden Park sportswear has its own secret code that is instantly recognizable for those who appreciate quality clothing. The little pink bow tie is a nod to the very origins of the brand. It refers back in time to when the Racing Club of France team wore pink bow ties for the final match of the French Championship. The rest, as they say, is history. Even self-color or plain clothing is enhanced with a touch of detail. A subtle contrasting band of color around the neckline or sleeves introduces an element of interest. Dare to be different and shake up the establishment with a unique design, print or logo. It suggests an element of individuality and fun, especially when it relates to your favorite sports brand! Wearing a T-shirt in your team’s colors is a great way to identify and show solidarity as a supporter. Choose bold block stripes or narrow bands across the chest. Pockets are always useful for tucking in your season ticket or private club pass. Everyone has a drawerful of T-shirts, but choosing trend-setting tops that feel as good as they look is vital. It’s what classic French flair is all about!