The Best Blue Jeans for Men

A French Classic From the Start

While often linked with hyper masculine Italian style or turn of the century American prowess, denim originated in France back in the 19th century. The Mediterranean town of Nimes, sitting in the south, was one of the first to create the hard-wearing blue fabric. Now, as we slide through the 21st century, the word has grown to capture the essence of casual trousers cut from cotton or denim.

All the Ways to Wear Blue Jeans

Sturdy, strong, and with just the right stretch, a pair of everyone's favorite daily wear pants can become one of your go-to pieces for many years to come. Jeans are a modern miracle of fashion; they can be slipped on and paired with a striped polo for a casual city afternoon, matched with a white tee and moccasins for relaxed Riviera style, or uplifted with an open top shirt for a late night at the club.

Picking the Right Fit

A well-loved and worn wardrobe staple, there are a thousand looks that come with choosing good denims that deliver. The most important point is to find a pair that fits your body shape. Skinny or wide can be better suited to a specific look whereas regular and straight meet in that space where effortless ease meets cool class.

Lifting the Look

Blue jeans capture the essence of a certain kind of man – one who values comfort and class without skipping out on spontaneous adventure, the rugged outdoors and hard-work with their sleeves rolled up. Yet, it's also an item that chameleons into the look of contemporary French chic. Uplifted with a striped heavy or lightweight sweater, slip on shoes, and a soft leather belt and you have a cool combination that works across the seasons.

Crafted For Comfort Without Compromising Style

Eden Parks jeans are crafted for comfort without compromising on an inch of style. The regular fit is made to accentuate the masculine shape with just the slightest play of slack, and the classic straight fit are roomy and feel just right. The button fly brings total convenience and the five-pocket layout is perfect for the man who pays homage to the workers of yesteryear.